Please answer the following three questions:

1) Did you report your foreign bank account?

2) Have you reported all U.S. income?

3) Have you reported all international income?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, please contact me for a free consultation. Please submit your inquiries in writing by email to my attention. You may reach me at gsw@gswlaw.com

IRC 61(a) Gross Income is total income from whatever sources derived both legal and illegal. Illegal embezzlement proceeds are taxable income to the recipient.

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5) Unreported Income: Tax Preparer (CPA) Civil & Criminal Penalties (Summary)

6) Unreported Income: Attorney client Privilege (CPA’s): U.S. v. Kovel

7) Unreported Income: Aiding & Abetting Understatements
(Tax Preparer Penalties)

8) Unreported Income: Understatement of Tax Liability (Tax Preparer Penalties)

9) Unreported Income: Jeopardy Assessment

10) Unreported Income: Voluntary Disclosure



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